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Hi Everyone! Kerry attended the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, on February 18th. Photos from the show have been added. I’ve also added images of Kerry arriving and leaving the ABC studios. Also below a video during the show.

❥ Public Appearances – 2016 – 18.02.16 – ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ – Season 14
❥ Candids – 2016 – 11.02.16 – ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’
❥ Candids – 2016 – 11.02.16 – ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’

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Hi All,

Kerry has just been interviewed by People, here below what she says on Olivia Pope:

“I may have borrowed some of her cashmere sweaters. Her loungewear is similar to my flying gear. ”

“To go back to [wearing] Armani, beautiful Prada bags and Manolo Blahniks, it really helps you find the character.”

“I tend to use fragrances as a way to access a character, but Olivia doesn’t wear perfume, so I don’t really have one that I wear for most of the year unless I’m going out at night.”

“Olivia’s aesthetic is so different than mine. Olivia’s hair is usually down, but when I’m not working, I like to pull my hair back because it feels more like me. I think it’s important to give your hair the opportunity to replenish … I like to put a good deep-conditioning mask in my hair, throw it up in a bun and just let it heal.”

Source: People